with unrestricted replacements for subscriptions like Dropbox, G-suite, OneDrive, Hubspot and dozens more this stand-alone service can be part of a larger drive to reduce costs generally. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with a professional in services & business procurement.

Systems for Business

Secure Domain Hosting, with GDPR compliant websites, email, calendars, contact sync, groupware, crm, erp, ecomm, document management

Low Cost

especially renewals, which start below £100 for the year. Multi year discounts are available to make things even more cost effective.

Single Provider

cancel monthly BigIT accounts like hubspot, dropbox & G-suite and really get value from the company server instead

Responsive Design

All our systems work on all mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops no matter what the operating system

Nice & Easy

experience "customer delight" when everything connects with little green padlocks & works like a swiss watch.

Freedom through ownership

owning your own always costs less in the long run


We saved just over £100 a month by cancelling all the subscriptions this new server replaces. Logging in the replacement services with iPhones and laptops was very easy. All our stuff is nice and private, on our own server. It all works very smoothly

Rachel - Choose2Youth

Security Blog

the same subjects come up time & again, here are a few blog posts to explain

Internet things for Dad

here’s the breakdown for getting all your things onto Namecheap Hosting
this includes the extra for the UK data centre
the new setup will be GDPR compliant (where the old one isn’t)

you’ll be pleased to learn that namecheap don’t nickel & dime you over the mailbox sizes, all your existing emails will migrate with room to spare

£91.56 — (2yrs) Renews at £182.44/2 years
£37.68 (2yrs) dedicated IP
£62.60 (2 yrs) wildcard SSL (on offer 44% discount) renews at £78/yr

the price does NOT include a wildcard for boys’ website, he gets a free SSL from namecheap for the public website only. without this “wildcard” his servers will have to be mail.dadsdomain.co.uk to access email for boy@boysdomain.com

total electronic money required:

£191.84 +VAT
£230.20 TOTAL

Namecheap SSL Page

namecheap logo

click that, log in and place money on your account. i’ll let you know the day before we need to put new server details into mail apps etc & nip down your shop then to supervise

ECJ finally acts on GDPR

Despite Facebook & their sycophants in the Irish Government throwing millions at a case the European Court of Justice has finally ruled that American companies can no longer use SCC’s (Standard Contractual Clauses) to duck out of responsibilities under GDPR legislation.

SCC’s are used by all the big USA tech giants in this manner, to avoid the fact that once inside the USA, UK & EU data becomes fair game for their alphabet soup of spy agencies. This is a breach of our rights under GDPR and unless the USA governments change all their collective minds about their surveillance laws things will slowly but surely get ugly.

Facebook isn’t the only offender, microsoft are looking at Office365, one-cloud and Skype becoming non-compliant. Google too, with most of their offerings involving USA data centres. G-suite & google-documents could end up on the banned list along with dropbox & dozens of SaaS providers. All this despite all the providers mentioned having really good security reputations

iOS MacOS & Hosting Servers


EXACT REASON: this is due to a domain mismatch, between the server address being typed into a mail app & the one inside the SSL certificate being used to encrypt communications.

EXPLAINED: your hosting server uses subdomains to deliver all the business services, like email and shared resources. for instance, the email server is often called by a subdomain , “mail.your-domain.co.uk”,  other services use subdomains, like “webmail.your-domain.co.uk” to access your email in a web page. Other subdomains in use for carddav shared address books, caldav shared calendars, webdav cloud-drive and of course the auto-configure services used by your apps.

all the extra subdomains mentioned above are not covered by your existing SSL. in the absence of a valid SSL cetificate to provide cover, the mail server reverts to using a certificate installed on the providers hosting platform, which obviously isn’t in your name. Apple have decided to err on the side of caution and not allow you to make an exception for mismatched SSL in all their apps.

SOLUTION: decide which webhost provided services you are going to use, and buy an SSL certificate to cover them all. basically there are 2 types of certificate for doing this

Cheapest: Multi Domain SSL (upto 3 domains) covers web pages, all email access, calendars* and address books*. typically the 3 domains are (plain)my-domain.co.uk, mail.my-domain.co.uk & webmail.my-domain.co.uk

All Services: Wildcard SSL (unlimited subdomains) covers web pages, email, carddav shared address books, caldav shared calendars & webdav cloud drive.

Use the proper SSL solution & all your iOS and MacOS connection problems will go away along with all the scary “untrusted connection” warnings in normal devices.

*some automatic functions may not work or present warnings