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Paranoia List


for bloggers & news groups

useful points to consider when rogue elements of law enforcement are trying to silence you

please consider this bullet point list as like a PowerPoint slide, every single point deserves a few minutes of any Talk. Some points perhaps much longer

the measures outlined are designed to make snooping so difficult an investigating policeman would have to raise paperwork, make official requests and eventually demand passwords from yourself with a warrant. hopefully this will prevent further snooping AND/OR cause a corrupt official to trigger procedures and investigation into themself.

  • Bluetooth devices can be picked up for 100 metres
  • using government WiFi
  • sending passwords at all
  • SMS texts are copied several times enroute to you
  • home VPN setups
  • 2FA Hardware
  • always delete everything you wouldn’t want a thief to read immediately
  • Signal, Telegram & Whatsapp are better than Facebook
  • use a home VPN for WiFi at home
  • whitelist your own devices
  • use a home VPN for WiFi at home
  • organise your home network so WiFi devices can’t access critical boxes
  • Reduce the output power of WiFi in your Home Hub
  • Block the signal path to outdoors with metal
  • Change the WiFi password often
  • always choose encryption, if you only encrypt part of your traffic you’re highlighting.
  • never use email on port 25 & 110 (always encrypt use 465 & 995)
  • use ethernet wherever possible (instead of wifi)
  • never use a wireless keyboard they can be picked up for 50 metres
  • use a VPN if your connection is being real-time monitored

  • avoid free email. gmail, hotmail, yahoo, icloud etc are utterly unsuitable
  • use the email server that comes with your hosting
  • guide public to your web-to-email page and use contact form 7 to encrypt email sent to you
  • use NextCloud to provide secure upload links for public
  • schedule off-host off-site backups to avoid spiteful deletion

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Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean it’s not happening

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