Truly cross platform

All packages come with a unrestricted plain white CALdav server, linked to the email

Each email address can have unlimited calendars each with it’s own sharing settings

All devices connect effortlessly and any calendar can optionally be displayed publicly in any type of website

Any business from a single sole trader upwards can benefit from this service.

guy using the same calendar on his tablet and his phone
control everything from anywhere
this could be you


setting all your open hours to “walk in”, on the website calendar only to change them one by one as customers call and make bookings.

your customer already knows what appointments are available before they call

ping your mark

When you add your customers’ email address to their appointment, the system sends them an email. the email has an ICO attachment which opens as the aforementioned appointment, one click to add it to their personal reminders. whichever calendar app they’re using

works especially well with iPhone & iPads

obviously your connection to the server is encrypted using a valid paid-for SSL certificate. This makes it real easy to configure for you and so extremely difficult for anyone trying to earwig. GRPR compliant.