Let’s Compare Jolt

originUSA ArizonaUK
UK Upgrade serversYESYES
UK VPS & Private ServerNO, TX & AZ (USA)YES
this is about location & law, now lets get on with what you get
PackageCash WebsitesPersonnelRestriction *
NC “Stellar Plus”23.91 +vatunlimitedunlimitedentry proc 30
Jolt “Bolt”49.95 +vat202020 personnel
NC “Stellar”£18.82 +vat330entry proc 20
Jolt “Sparkle”£14.96 +vat221Gbyte RAM
* the restriction being the limit that i consider matters the most

Just like namecheap do, Jolt say they’ll give me commission on sales where a new customer clicks to their site from my affiliate link https://www.jolt.co.uk?ref=timothyduckitt

domain £5.80 +vat / yr

ssl £30 +vat

extras like fancy web themes, upgrades and things all cost more.